A more quiet ride, on the way!

The annoying tailgate rattle I’ve been unable to remedy, it turns out, is a bad shock bushing. (I’d asked my mechanic to take a look while Smokey was in this week for an engine misfire.)

I’ve known my shocks weren’t long for this world for a while, but I’d hoped to nurse them until I lift the Jeep next year.

In light of this new realization, I’ve chosen to go ahead and replace the tired factory shocks with a set of Bilstein 5100s that should work at Smokey’s current 1.5 inches of lift as well as at the three inches I have planned. Stay tuned.

Recently, I’ve been exhibiting a very rough idle indicative of a misfire. So, Smokey has spent the last couple of days at our mechanic’s shop being checked out. The good news is, the problem was simple — just a need for new spark plugs — and not a realization of my worst internet-research-fueled fears. While it was a minor annoyance to realize the problem was one I could’ve easily solved myself, our mechanic is a fellow Jeeper and a great guy, so I’m happy to support his business!

That’s Jeep life, I guess

I’ve been excited today to see our first snow of the season. That changed, though, when I tried to unzip my driver’s window at the pharmacy on the way home.

Snap! The cold plastic broke clean through. It’s a short break, but needless to say, it’s very annoying!

So tempting!

In case you’ve missed it, the 2021 Jeep Gladiator’s DIESEL option is now available to order. Choosing the oil-burning powerplant will set you back an extra $6,000, but it may be worth it — on and off-road. While official MPG ratings have not yet been released, I’ve seen a couple of folks online saying we may just be surprised by a rating at or very close to 30 miles per gallon on the highway!

If that’s true, Smokey just might have to make a little room in the garage. An overlanding Gladiator build could be a lot of fun …


(Cover image courtesy The Drive)

All done, for now

I’d intended to film the process of removing and relocating my license plate to the spare tire. But, a phone call from family out of state just as I began the install instead led me to complete the job without recording any footage.

I’ll likely do a write-up later just to document the process for the curious, but suffice it to say my plate is moved. And, I’m now running the Off-Road Only LED plate light and third brake-light bracket. I may also have a few words for the Teraflex license plate delete panel, which proved to be of far higher construction quality than I was expecting for a simple $20 part.

If all goes according to plan, I’ll add a pair of LED cubes or a short light bar to the mix before Christmas.