Holy ear drum splitting, Batman!

As I was on my way home last night, I was approached and passed by an overwhelming, screaming high-pitched tire noise. Even for having the top down, it was loud enough to jar me into an involuntary flinch. 

I expected it to be a bus or tractor-trailer. Instead, it was this little Nissan Sentra, flying about 65 or 70 down the highway. 

I’m not sure how such a big noise came from such a little car, but I’d be checking my tires if I were him!

Many of you will recall last year’s trip to Red River, N.M. After a beautiful morning two-hour climb to Goose Lake in picturesque Red River, we enjoyed some time taking in the scenery and encountering the almost-tame goats and chipmunks. But, soon it was time to head back down the mountain. About halfway down, we stopped to let my wife, who’s not been exactly enamored of the off-road lifestyle, at least to that point, get some time behind the wheel. Aside from a brief stint on Pioneer Creek Trail the day before, it was her first — and certainly longest — time to do so.

NOTE: All of my videos are shot, edited and uploaded in full-HD. Recent renderings, however, have come out quite pixelated, and even at frame sizes that don’t match their software output settings. I apologize for the poor image quality. If/when I figure out a fix (or Adobe solves a glitch in their software, since I’m not the only one noting this issue online), I’ll upload a corrected version. I appreciate your patience.

FIRST LOOK: Poison Spyder Customs adds vented version of JK fender liners

When Poison Spyder Customs announced in March they were entering the Jeep Wrangler JK fender liner market, they promised a vented version was on the way. After all, their competitors’ products all featured a prominent vent to promote engine-bay airflow.

Well, Poison Spyder fans, the wait is now over. PSC today announced on its Facebook page the vented version of its popular CNC-cut and bead-rolled aluminum front fender liners are available to purchase. The company is making bare-aluminum liners available now, and will expand the lineup to include powder-coated liners beginning in November.

PSC’s new product will launch at a competitive $335 in bare aluminum. The company’s solid liners launched at a price of $199 bare, and have since risen to $209. American-made competitors’ prices range from $179 to $329.


Learn more at Poison Spyder’s product page.

More on JK Wrangler fender-liner options:

PHOTOS: 2016 Tri-State Fair & Rodeo parade

Smokey joined other members of Panhandle Jeep Coalition in this annual fair kick-off parade. Our group had a great time in what turned out to be better-than-expected weather. And, best of all, our group won third place!

FIRST LOOK: Rigid Industries unveils new Chase rear-facing light

Rigid Industries intends to close FY 2016 with a bang and, following the introduction of its D-SS side-projecting light pods, has answered the call of many off-road enthusiasts who want a better option for reverse, courtesy and/or marker lighting. Available with a red, blue or amber halo and downward-facing courtesy light, the Chase retails for $229.99.

Check out Rigid’s product-highlight video below, or visit its product page for more information.