5 Jeeps You’ve Probably Never Heard Of

JP Family

With every car company there are a few models that over time become forgotten. Jeep is no exception. Below are a list of the 5 Jeep models you’ve probably never heard of. Be sure to let me know what you thought!

  1. The Jeep Forward Control (FC)

Jeep FC

Believe it or not, this funky looking truck is 100% a Jeep. The Jeep Forward Control or FC, was in production from 1956 to 1965 first by Willys and then by Kaiser Jeep.

2. Jeep CJ-10A


Next is the Jeep CJ-10A! The Jeep CJ-10A was a CJ-10-based flightline aircraft tug. Produced in Mexico from 1984 to 1986, it was used by the United States Air Force as an aircraft-pulling vehicle. Only about 2,300 were ever produced!

3. The Jeep DJ (Dispatcher Jeep)


Now this Jeep, you probably have heard of. The Jeep DJ or Dispatcher Jeep is actually better known as the “mail Jeeps”. These…

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An interesting turn

So, while I was off work, we took Smokey in for the passenger airbag-inflator recall. While at the dealership, a shiny new JLU in Granite Metallic caught my wife’s attention.

“It just looks … nice,” she said.

Could it be we’ll end up with a JL alongside Smokey in a year or two? Hmm … who knows? 😉

Watch for more clips and a full trip report from our latest outing in the days to come:



It cracks me up!

Does anything truly epitomize the Jeep life more than those annoying dings and cracks in your windshield?

A quick glance at Smokey’s windshield reveals no less than 20 imperfections, ranging from minor dings to some serious starred cracks. My current glass has been the exception, surviving a couple of years. I’ll typically go through at least a windshield per year, sometimes more!

What’s your Jeep glass experience been? Share your story in the comments below.

Opening up …

Fed up of driving around with a crunched-up tailpipe, I finally opened up my deformed exhaust. (It was actually a bit more bent up than pictured, as I’d hit it on the trail a few more times since this was taken!) It’s far from perfect, but it’s something to pass the time, LOL.