September Morning

With September’s arrival, it won’t be long before the air turns crisp and cold, so I’m enjoying every top-down moment I have left this year!


Clean-up for candy

Our local off-road group, Black Sheep Off-Road, held a benefit car wash last weekend to raise funds for our annual Jeep-n-Treat event, coming up next month. While the photo opps became more scarce as the traffic picked up, we had a good time, met some interesting people (including the owner of a cool 1946 Ford) and raised nearly $500 for candy, games and prizes for the event!

Finally, back on the air!


With the NASCAR race rained out and my Houston Texans losing to the cursed Patriots, I took advantage of the afternoon to install my new CB and Tuffy overhead console.

I’ll attempt a write-up in the near future, but for now, here are a few quick photos of my first real SWR check. Suffice it to say, I like the mount a lot, and I’m thrilled to have a working radio in the Jeep again!

The mountains are calling …

… but I can’t answer.

I’m in desperate need of some mountain trail therapy, but even with the big work event past, I just can’t make a vacation happen right now. It’s sad, because I’d love nothing better than to be up about 10,000 feet right now!

My luck ran out, kind of


While sitting at a red light on my way back to work from lunch today, another driver failed to stop while approaching me from behind.

The good news is, I don’t believe either of us was hurt. The other driver is fine. My neck and back are a bit sore, but I’ll see how I feel in the morning before bringing a doctor into it. (I’m no ambulance chaser, after all.)

Aside from a scratched wheel, I think Smokey is OK. Her tailgate rattles a bit more now, so I’ll pay a visit to the mechanic soon to sound the proverbial ship.

Still, given the damage the other vehicle suffered, it could’ve been much worse.