‘Virus lifestyle’ wins one — but just for today

I’ve been as flexible as possible to accept the changes dictated on Americans as we work together to blunt the onslaught of the pandemic so carelessly unleashed on the world. And, for the most part, things have been fine.

Today, though, has been a struggle — my network connectivity for work has been almost nonexistent, the kids are dying to be loud and … and … and …

I’m sure many of us are dealing with such. We just have to roll with the punches until this blows over. And, it will blow over. So, our self-imposed ‘virus lifestyle’ gets a small win today. But, even as I type this there are glints of victory. Those loud kids have pulled out a board game and are now happily co-existing. And, that’s how we’ll all survive — taking each day at a time, claiming every small win we can.

Take care, my friends and fellow Jeepers. I’ll see you on the trails again soon!

Images of Ford’s new Bronco leaks ahead of debut

BigBroncoWith still a month to go before its official debut at the New York International Auto Show, a handful of images of the upcoming Ford Bronco Sport — bearing no feature-obscuring camouflage — have found their way to the web. Ford’s new cute ‘ute will take on Jeep’s Fiat-sourced Renegade.

Check out more photos at Autoblog.

Mods you regret? We all have one!

Like the headline says, every Jeep owner — or other automotive enthusiast, for that matter — has made at least one (and often more) modification he or she regrets. Maybe it’s a decision that seemed great at the time, but just hasn’t worn well with the passage of time.

For me, that mod is one that, thankfully, I didn’t have to pay to install.

I won my Nighthawk Light Brow in a social media contest. As Angry Bird grilles go, I’ll take the Nighthawk’s style over anything else out there. Having said that, though, I was at best divided about this style. When I won the bauble, my intent was to sell it to fund other modifications. When it arrived, though, I began having second thoughts and, unable to decide what I wanted to do, I did what many of us have done — I asked folks online. So, swayed by the excited reaction of my friends, I completed the simple five-minute install.

In all candor, I can’t honestly say I utterly hate the appearance today. But, I’m just in a place where I prefer Smokey’s factory face. So, had I to do it over again, I’d take a pass on the Light Brow. It’s a quality product, but one that no longer fits my style. In truth, I’d like to find someone’s Mineral Grey takeoff grille from an Oscar Mike or other special edition to give Smokey a contrasting grille.

So, there’s my mod confession. Now, what’s yours? Leave a comment below and let me know what modification you wish you had to do over. Is it something simple like my grille, or an expensive re-gear that didn’t work as planned? Let’s hear it!

One less project to do!

Thanks in no small part to some much-appreciated help from a friend, the new Bilsteins are in place. I’ll share detailed thoughts on ride quality in the near future, but suffice it to say Smokey’s ride is far more controlled now.

The one bad thing? Changing my shocks didn’t take care of that rear-end rattle. I guess I’ll still need to adjust that tailgate. Oh well, you can’t win them all.

Oh yeah, and we may receive up to 10 inches of snow tonight, too. Bring it on!

This was supposed to be easy

For the record, I hate too-tall shock bushings!