Father’s Day came early

Nothing like adding 275 rounds, almost a typical range trip, to the safe!


Um, oops

Since a storm brought flash floods through town Saturday night, I’ve been finding a few evidences of my jaunt through the water — a rear inner fender pried out of place, some rock-light wiring hanging below a fender, but nothing truly of note.

Then, tonight, I discovered a broken tail light and a fog lamp bulb shattered inside its housing. I guess the deepest stuff a few blocks west of the house was a little deeper than I thought to get into those housings.

It still, obviously, could’ve been a lot worse. That’s the cost of playing in the water, I suppose.

You’ve got to set your priorities

Hmm … That switch system may be on hold a little while, LOL.

Cart before the horse?

Well, what can I say? Sometimes you just have to do things in defiance of logic.

While I haven’t yet picked up a power-distribution system for Smokey’s accessories (it’s close), I stumbled onto an online sale the other day and took advantage to save a few bucks.

Stay tuned for more, coming soonish.


2018-Livin-Lite-QuickSilver-8.0-Tent-Camper-Exterior-Front-3-4-DoorFor years now, I’ve found the Livin’ Lite Quicksilver tent trailers, specifically the eight-foot models, appealing. Their aluminum framing makes them lightweight, but the designs are creative and perfect for a Jeeping family. And, the sub-$10K price for a model with a queen, full and table/twin bed was alluring.

I discovered tonight the company’s new corporate parent announced its closure last year. That’s sad, as these trailers had a lot to offer.