Vexing vinyl 

I gave Smokey a much-needed bath late last week. During cleanup, I saw the extent to which my hood-side vinyl nameplate has deteriorated.

It’s a little frustrating, given that it’s less than four years old, and was purchased from what many consider to be the name in vinyl decals. And, about this being seven-year vinyl …

Plans for a replacement are in the works, but I must make time to touch up the graphic first.

The first CJ-2A coming off the line, July 17, 1945. 

My relatively new (fewer than 5,000 miles) front and rear pads and rotors have developed an occasional whine with moderate braking pressure. Gotta make some time this weekend to make sure everything is tight and in order. (I’ve seen a few folks complain online about my chosen brand of pad being prone to this, so I’m betting that’s all it is.)

Don’t wait for the perfect Jeep. Take the Jeep, and make it perfect. 😉

I saw this big fellow running up I-27 this week. Wouldn’t mind checking it out!