No more flutter!

Installing the Daystar Hood Wranglers for Jeep JK was simple and incredibly effective.

Installing the Daystar Hood Wranglers for Jeep JK was simple and incredibly effective.

Like many, if not most, Jeep JK owners, I’ve been plagued for some time by the Jeep JK hood flutter. Essentially, Jeep used a very soft natural rubber in its factory hood latches. As a result, passing tractor-trailers or even a sudden gust of Texas Panhandle wind has sent my hood fluttering to the point I’ve feared it was about to break loose. Enter the Daystar Hood Wranglers. This simple solution replaces the stock rubber pieces with a less-stretchable urethane piece that tightly secures the Jeep’s hood.

The installation process couldn’t be easier. Forget the instructions’ directive to completely remove the latches from the Jeep. Simply apply electrical tape (used for its thickness and durability) to the area around the latches to protect the paint against scratches. Next, secure a pair of Vice-Grips to each side of the top hood bolt and twist in opposite directions. The hard plastic bolt will snap, allowing it to be removed. Repeat the process for the remaining three bolts. Finally, replace the OEM rubber latch with the Daystar replacement with the flat portion facing your fender and secure with the enclosed screws. That’s it. The Daystar screws even include a built-in thread locker strip, so there’s nothing more to it.

Five minutes after I started, I was finished and pleasantly working hard to close my latches. The OEM pieces easily were a quarter of an inch longer, so opening and closing the hood requires a little more effort for now, until the Daystar product itself stretches a little. MSRP: $25


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