Ouray, Colorado, Jeep Jamboree

Check out Traveling Blessed’s post; this looks like so much fun! The Ouray Jamboree definitely is on my Jeep bucket list. The vistas alone make the trip totally worthwhile, to say nothing for the wheeling!

Traveling Blessed USA

Marian writes:

Years ago we took a mountain bike over one of a Colorado mountain trail past some of the old mines. One area was so steep we had to get off and push the motorcycle up the skidding gravel as Jim held the throttle open and the front stable, and I tried to push the back tire down enough to get traction in the unstable rock. As we struggled up the steep area a Jeep with four people scurried by us cheering as they climbed what looked straight up. I stood there gazing as they disappeared high above us and wondering how they could do that in a car. It looked impossible.

I also had the experience of looking down from a high elevation at the charming small western town of Ouray, Colorado (population 1,014). The area is called the Switzerland of America. Majestic mountains reigned high above the…

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