#ThrowbackThursday: Smokey returns to Colorado

Not long after buying Smokey, I looked up her previous owners in an effort to understand how and why a not-yet 4-year-old vehicle could possibly be so gently used. What I discovered was as unique as it was poignant — the previous owner’s obituary.

Moreover, the obituary actually made mention of Smokey, saying her previous owner “liked to take his Jeep fishing in the mountains of Colorado.”

Knowing Smokey had meant so much to her previous owner that his family thought to mention her in his obituary touched me. Jeepers, after all, are a unique breed, and though I felt sadness for his family, I felt sure they’d be glad to know Smokey’s new owner cherished her as much as their loved one had.

In March, our family drove to Aurora, Colo., on personal business. As soon as we learned of the need for the trip, I knew we had to take Smokey. It just felt right, somehow. During our trip, we struck out west from Denver, into the majestic Rocky Mountains. The result was several breathtaking images like these of Smokey in what I hope is, for her, some familiar territory.


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