An Unconventional Adventure

A fun and, well, unconventional Jeep adventure…

The Green Jeep Adventures

An Unconventional Adventure

I always love a good adventure….  climbing high into the mountains, jeeping through a big mud hole, jeep camping in the wilderness, exploring our amazing country.  There are so many ways to have a great adventure.  Sometimes though, an adventure can be found in the smaller things that we do every day….

Recently, I had an adventure in my everyday life.  I was cleaning up my newly aquired property and had to do a dump run with some recyclables.  It was a lovely sunny September afternoon and I had Fiona’s roof half off and the windows wide open.  I stuffed my recycling cans into the back and set out.  In between my house and the refuse site is a ridge with a powerline trail that I often go for a quick 4 wheel rip after work, or I go to take photos of the sunset.  I had decided that I’d take this powerline ridge…

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