(Sigh) Just Empty Every Pocket

Owning a Jeep is an exhilarating experience. It also can be a little frustrating at times.

While Smokey’s build is proceeding at a painfully slow pace, I also recognize I’ve been very blessed: I own a Jeep in fantastic shape  and have been favored enough to win or have been given several parts that have made a significant impact on my build’s progress. (Perhaps most notable is the Crawler Conceptz Ultra Series stubby bumper pictured above. Those in the market for Jeep armor would be wise to check out their offerings.)

Still, a Jeep is never really finished, which means there’s always something more to do or buy or break. (Such as that factory steering stabilizer that decided to divest itself of all its oil following our recent Lubbock trip.)

I love my Jeep’s half-doors. Cut low for great off-road visibility, they also imbue a classic Jeep image. But, they’re also drafty during the winter. And noisy on the highway. Those close to me know I’d really like to one day purchase a set of full-length doors and a hard top for use during the winter months and on long trips, but I can neither afford nor justify the expense of paying top dollar for brand new accessories. Then, yesterday, what do I find on a local Jeep forum but a JK owner dying to part with two full doors at just the right price. Sure, there are a few scratches, but that wouldn’t hurt anything, right?

The rub, of course, is my perpetually empty Jeep budget and the minor inconvenience that said doors are a good 26-hour drive away on the other side of the state.

Oh, well. I’ll just wait and get them later, when the time is right. It might cost more, but that’s kinda the Jeep way, isn’t it?


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