Jeeping 102 – Death Wobble

Good info to have! (And, never cease to be amazed at how many folks buy steering stabilizers to “fix” DW.)


It takes all of 5 minutes of perusing off-road forums or Facebook pages to find someone complaining about the infamous death wobble. I’ve seen folks ranting and raving about how Jeep needs to solve this problem and how it’s a major safety issue. Yes, it’s a safety issue, but no, Jeep doesn’t need to solve it. It’s what happens when a solid axle vehicle (part of what makes a Jeep the most capable off-road vehicle made) goes out of specifications due to wear or damage.

The reason I’ve picked this topic for this week is because this cantankerous common malady has come back once again to plague Lil’ Bruiser. It’s just started, but if left unchecked, can become a major problem. Death wobble (DW) is technically defined as “an uncontrolled self-perpetuating oscillation”. I define it as one of the scariest experiences had while driving, but if you take it step-by-step…

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