Jeepers Jamboree works Cadillac Hill

Great insights. I think a lot of folks don’t stop to think about how these iconic trails evolve over time. Teraflex published an interesting video on the Rubicon that highlighted some of this change:

The 'Other' Rubicon

Last weekend, Jeepers Jamboree folks organized, staffed and completed a maintenance effort at the Hairpin Turn on Cadillac Hill. Just after the apex of the turn, there is a climb that has a granite slab that slopes down from left to right but on the right side there is a rock that sticks up.

Over the years, the approach to this obstacle has eroded away deepening the channel down the middle of the trail and more so on the right side. The last time I was on the trail, prior to the fix, the right side was under-cut to the point my 35″ tire wouldn’t climb it. I had to back off and throw a few rocks in the hole in order to make it up that section.

Well all has changed. I don’t know how many bags of concrete were used but the channel and the hole were filled…

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