Jeeping 101 – air compressors

A reliable air supply is something no Jeeper should be without. This is an easy-to-understand, informative overview of the basic options available to those who leave the pavement behind!


One of the most important tools to have off-road is some form of air pressure.  Having on-board air makes re-inflating tires from trail pressures more convenient, helps deal with tire punctures and broken beads, and some can even run air tools.  There are several options in having air pressure on the trails and they vary in cost, speed, and ease of use.


The simplest of the options is a high volume DC portable compressor.  These hook directly to the battery and store away in their own case. They range in cost from about $70 to $300 depending on quality and the volume of air they produce.  At the bottom of the spectrum are those like this Harbor Freight model  At the high end is this VIAIR, that can inflate 4 35” tires from 15 to 30 psi. in under 10 minutes. If you look up the specs, you’ll notice…

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