The Jeep Wave

JP Family

jim doing the jeep wave

Most of us know that the Jeep Wave is a very important unspoken law of all Jeepers. As one Jeep owner passes another, a slight wave from the steering wheel is delivered to one another. This is something very simple, yet such an important part of owning a Jeep. Unfortunately, the Jeep Wave is dying. More and more new Jeeps are being produced each year, and more and more people are unaware of this sacred tradition. I am not saying only new Jeep owners don’t wave, but I do believe that a lot of the new owners don’t know about the wave. They don’t know the true roots of the Jeep brand and what it means to us “die hard’s.” I believe that it is up to us to teach the new owners the way of the wave and keep the tradition going.

For many of us Jeepers, the Jeep wave…

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