Are you kidding me?

Second flat this week, third in a month!



  1. ohhh crappy! I had two flats in 3 days back in September (An Unconventional Adventure in my blog) It really sucked because now I have to buy new summer tires, but needed new winter tires (winter tires are the law here, I have mine studded) so I’m saving every penny between now & spring!
    But THREE flats? that bites the big bullet!

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  2. That’s really, really sad 😦 I’m fortunate enough to live near a power line on a ridge behind my neighborhood (5 minute 4 wheel to the top, also where I blew my tires) and well, I live in the middle of nowhere, so there’s plenty of near by 4 wheel jaunts. I didn’t do as much group wheeling this year as last year, but I was on that ridge quite a bit on my own, just getting some 4 wheel therapy 🙂 15 minutes to the end, 15 minutes back home.


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