Jeeping 101 – Choosing the right Jeep

This is some great advice for new Jeepers. When I started looking, I really wanted an old CJ. Thankfully, my wife kept me grounded and persuaded me I really needed something that could be reliable as a daily driver and suitable for highway trips.

Based on those guidelines and our budget, I was looking heavily at TJs, and had my sights set on an ’06 in excellent shape before we lucked into an incredible deal on Smokey. But deals like that don’t come around every day.

Check out this post before picking up your next rig!


For the first time Jeep owner, the options can seem overwhelming and questions abound.  Should I buy an older Jeep or a newer one?  Should I buy something stock or find one that has already been built up? Do I buy a Wrangler, a Cherokee, or one of the other models?  What the heck is the difference between the Sport, Sahara, and Rubicon?  Lots of good questions, but let’s take it one bite at a time.

Let’s start with a story from a friend of mine to see how this decision can go wrong.  He saw a bunch of the pictures and adventures we had so he wanted to buy a Jeep.  He found a steal on a 1982 CJ7 that was lifted and set on 33” Super Swampers. They were only asking $2500 so he took it for a short test drive and bought it on the spot.  Eager…

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