Review: Clayton’s Auto Glass

Requested service

Windshield replacement


The vendor

Clayton’s Auto Glass, Amarillo, Texas


The experience

We dropped off Smokey today for a new windshield today, feeling confident in using Clayton’s Auto Glass, where we’ve received excellent service before.

As it turns out, the person who estimated my cost quoted an incorrect figure, but the standup manager (owner?) agreed to honor the given quote. With an estimated time to completion of about three hours, we left the Jeep with them to begin their work.

The job was well done and in the agreed upon time. Clayton’s crew even attempted to transfer Smokey’s National Rifle Association decal to the new glass.

If I have any complaint — and, sadly, not a small one — it’s that the installers apparently smoked inside my vehicle, which wreaked of the offensive odor of stale cigarettes. After leaving the windows open the rest of the work day, Smokey continued to carry the foul stench at day’s end.


Time to completion

About 3 hours (estimated) / 3.5 hours (actual)





The verdict

Positive past experiences, combined with the best price to be found in town, suggest Clayton’s is the preferred auto glass retailer. That said, consumers would be wise to bring up the cigarette-smoke issue prior to leaving their vehicle for service.


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