Broken Arrow: Jeep Cherokee Trailhawk.

Here’s your new generation of Fiat-sourced Jeeps for you …

A Wheel Thing

Trailhawk 1In August of 2014, A Wheel Thing had the pleasure of the company of the Cherokee Trailhawk and a sibling; here’s the review on how they’re meant to work: 3

Alas, gremlins overshadowed the Cherokee Trailhawk provided for the Christmas and New Year’s break, both human and not.
To me, it’s a more than welcome courtesy that review vehicles come with a full tank of propellant, be it petrol or diesel. On pickup, although clean, the review car still had items left from previous reviewers in the centre console and it had less than 1/4 of a tank of fuel. Although, at the time, an annoyance, it got worse.Trailhawk 2
From the dealership to A Wheel Thing’s base in the Blue Mountains, the car ran fine. From there to a suburb called Dundas, to the north east of Parramatta and back, it ran fine. A few days later, with minimal travel…

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