Wait! Let’s weight, shall we?

My fellow Jeep JK drivers know what an absolute pig our Jeeps are, with two-doors like Smokey tipping the scales at nearly two tons straight from the factory. Start adding heavy aftermarket bumpers, rock sliders, skid plating, etc, and, well, you get the picture.

To that end, many of us keep a close eye on our rigs’ weight. Since Smokey’s latest mod removed heavy steel from the body, replacing it with lightweight aluminum, I was hoping to shave just a few pounds. Alas, I wasn’t so lucky.

For those keeping track, the Poison Spyder Customs Jeep JK hood louver weighs 4.8 pounds in bare aluminum. The four steel panels cut from the Jeep’s hood weighed in at 2.3 pounds, for a net gain of 2.5 pounds, not counting the weight of the powder coat material. (I’ll estimate 0.25 of a pound or so for this.) Added to the weight of my other admittedly modest changes, Smokey now rolls along exactly 111 pounds heavier than her 3,762-pound factory weight.

All that, and I’m just getting started. Ergo, the real reason our Jeeps are so thirsty!


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