2015 Jeep Renegade

Not entirely certain the author gets the “Jeep thing”, but still a fair review of Jeep’s new soft-roader.

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01-2015-jeep-renegade-fd-1By:Brandon Turkus

Would it surprise you to hear that a strong, vocal and loyal owner base can sometimes be a hindrance to automakers? Of course, no brand would ever admit such a thing. And sure, on the surface, you might think that having people passionately champion a brand would provide nothing but perks. As we’ve seen over the years, though, there are plenty of times when that’s not the case.

Jeep has most recently fought this battle following the arrival of the new Cherokee, where two-tracking purists and rock-crawling enthusiasts bemoaned the nameplate’s dip into Crossoverdom. Now, with its latest vehicle, the off-road brand is trying to keep this vocal minority happy (or at least quiet) while building a crossover that has general-purpose appeal to consumers in an increasingly crowded and important small CUV market.
This balancing act has produced the 2015 Renegade, a vehicle that, following our testing in…

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