Maintaining Your New Ride

Good advice — keep up on routine maintenance.

Lochmandy Motors


You just bought a new car and you really want to make sure it runs and stays in good condition for the long haul. Keeping your car in good condition will help you to keep it safe and running great.

Keep these steps in mind:

Tires- Make sure the tire pressure is inflated to the manufacturers specific pressure. Keep a tire gauge in your glove compartment. Also, Check the tread on your tires. Whether your always on the road, you will want to make sure you tires are up to par for weather conditions.

Oil- Oil is the blood-line of your car and without it, it won’t run properly. Check your oil often to make sure it isn’t low. You can get oil changes about every 5000 miles to ensure a long term efficiency.

Windows- If you have any cracks or broken mirrors, get them fixed. The problem may worsen…

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