Product Review: Rugged Ridge Heat Reduction Hood

Nice review of a great-looking product. I’m glad Rugged Ridge offers a competitor to AEV’s heat-reduction hood.

I was unfamiliar with the vent gap issue. That one would have me quite, well, heated up. There’s no way I’d accept being told a product I purchased was inferior and to buy an additional product to fix it. (No harm, no foul here since they provided the review unit but, to the consumer, that’s deplorable.)

Overall, it looks to be a great product, just hope they work out the vent issue.

Off-road Vegan

One of the biggest concerns I have had with the JK platform was under hood heat.  The engine bays (in both the 3.8 and 3.6 variants) are super cramped, and we push our Jeeps when offroading, especially in hot and dusty places like Moab or the Rubicon.

I was really excited when Rugged Ridge sent me one of their performance vented hoods to try.  This would be the perfect chance to see just what kind of a difference would be seen with a vented hood.

We push our Jeeps in some pretty hot and arid places such as Moab.

Before the Rugged Ridge hood, I considered a bunch of options. Starting with the cheaper end, I looked at hood louvers from companies like Gen Right and Poison Spider.  The biggest benefit to these, is that you do not need to paint your hood.

I am really glad I…

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