Plasti-DE-dipped …

A recent flat repair left one of my Plastidipped stock wheels looking less than stellar, as the inexpensive rubber coating was no match for a tire machine.

Most of the Plastidip peeled up easily enough, but I clearly didn’t layer it on thick enough in the recesses of Smokey’s original-equipment Moab wheels, because those areas stubbornly refused to give. A little research revealed the solution: WD-40.

While heavy application of the lubricating oil will immediately begin to break down the Plastidip, allowing it to sit a few minutes requires less scrubbing for removal. About two minutes and a little rubbing with an old toothbrush later, and the result was an aluminum wheel free of the plastic coating and unmarred by the process.

A little spray of the hose, followed by an easy wipe-down, and the wheel is good as new.

Now, the lingering question is do I want to reapply the ‘dip, or should I return all my wheels to their factory finish? Hmm …



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