Tops off for #GoToplessDay2015? Nope.

Mother Nature opened National Go Topless Day 2015 with rain showers, so most in our local group (Smokey included) kept our tops securely in place for our planned meet-up. We choked down some questionable and greatly overpriced breakfast, then proceeded to the Canadian River, 20-something miles northwest of Amarillo.

The terrain was muddy, as expected, but passable, even if certain hill climbs were, as one member of our group put it, “dangerous and irresponsible.” (He’d just slid down an entire muddy hill without turning a single tire.)

Then the rain began.

Since the forecast called for clearing skies after 9 a.m., one or two folks had ventured out topless, and soon found themselves driving in a downpour. Then, as we drove east into the Rosita Creek Flats National Recreation Area, spillover from the adjacent river poured into the main road, turning the simple dirt road into a rutted soup. We slogged through the path to slightly higher elevation, then made the call, mid-thunderstorm, to put an early end to the fun and push back the way we’d come in to return to the staging area.

These photos were taken a little east of the Highway 287 bridge, where we stopped to inspect our rides after the rain let up. Next, a few of us headed home, leaving a small remnant to stay and try again. (One unfortunate member later tried to drown his 2015 JK in a deep mud hole. Glad we left!)

It wasn’t what we’d planned on, but it was a great time!


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