Jeep: Cruising over the bumpy roads of life

The Wrangler is a great vehicle, but so much more! Use caution, and don’t let your Wrangler’s 39-inch water-fording clearance lure you into danger.

Connect with a local Jeep group and explore all the fun that comes with being a Jeep owner!

unfiltered from the heart

It is a rough road that leads to heights of greatness.
Lucius Annaeus Seneca

For most of 10 years I drove a practical, economical and gas-efficient Toyota Prius. It had a wonderful turning radius, which helped to avoid curbs in tight spaces. However, pulling into parking spots with curbs would often result in hitting and scraping of the air-dam in the front. Pot holes and speed bumps meant slowing down to a snail’s pace to avoid damage to the low riding car. Off-roading was out of the question (I did that once at a construction site and it left a deep gash in the metal under the door). Making matters worse was the frequent tidal flooding in the low-lying coastal town in which I have lived, which meant that I often had to time my driving with the tides in bad weather.

The practical, economical and gas-efficient car was no…

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