Trip planner: Red River 2015

Goose Lake Trail, near Red River, N.M. (Photo courtesy TwoTrack via Expedition Portal)

Goose Lake Trail, near Red River, N.M. (Photo courtesy TwoTrack via Expedition Portal)

RRNM MapHere we are, only two weeks away from our first Jeeping vacation. One of our local Jeep groups, Panhandle Jeep Coalition, caravans each summer to Red River, N.M., to take on the trails and soak up the natural beauty of this quaint little ski town in northern New Mexico.

We planned a suitable budget for this outing months ago, and booked a room at a quaint lodge, the Hotel Ryland. Preparations have been made for our animals and a house-sitter.

There’s plenty to do to get Smokey ready, too. I’ve changed the oil and will rotate the tires this weekend. She’s running new brake and differential fluid, and soon will receive new coolant as well. If I can make the time, I’m hoping to replace her cracked windshield before the drive, and give her a couple of coats of fresh paint-protecting wax, too.

The ice chest and hitch hauler are cleaned up and ready to go, as are my trail bag, air pump and tool kit. The former items will allow us to pre-package some food for the road to save as much money as possible during our travel days there and back. The kids, of course, will want to pack every toy they own; we’ll have to keep that to a minimum.

Jennifer and I are looking to identify potential stop points along the way. We don’t get away often, and we don’t want to miss something fun in a mad dash to reach our destination.

In the coming days, I’ll be sharing some of our preparations, and watch for special videos and other content from the road as we head out to the “Land of Enchantment.”


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