How far she’s come … and so far yet to go!

It hit me this morning that tomorrow will mark a milestone in my two years with Smokey. If the weather holds and all goes according to plan, I’ll be installing a Teraflex levelling kit tomorrow, Smokey’s first lift.

This Teraflex kit is only a series of coil spring spacers designed to give me enough room to clear larger tires when the time comes, and won’t provide any changes to the active suspension. In that regard, I’ve already made much more functional modifications, most notably my front sway bar disconnects — easily the best $130 I’ve ever spent on the Jeep.

Still, though, there’s something emotionally significant about installing your first lift, even if it is just an inch and a half. My little rig is coming along nicely. I may not have the disposable budget to complete all the changes I’d like to make at once, but the benefit of proceeding slowly like this is that I’m being much more deliberate and thoughtful about my modifications than if I were dropping $10,000 on the Jeep at a single swath. I think the finished product, when I finally get there, will be far nicer than it might’ve otherwise been.

So, here’s to the slow road — and to enjoying every minute of this Jeep journey!



  1. I bet it will look great, Broha! How far you are going with this “first lift”? I ended up (years ago….) with a 6 inch. No, I seem to be getting to old to climb in! LOL! I might need to invest in side running panels for a boost!

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    1. Thanks! Tomorrow’s 1.5-inch kit is just so I can go with 34s and new wheels come tax season. (I’ll need new tires by that time, and I didn’t want to invest in another set of 32s. But, there’s no way I could do wheels, tires and a proper coil spring lift at the same time!)

      In a year or two, I’ll go up 2.5 or 3 inches. I want to nicely equip this Jeep for both street and trail, but my (very) long-term plan is to eventually pick up a beat up old YJ or early TJ to use as a trail-only rig. I might go a little wilder with that when it comes. 😉

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  2. LOL! Forget I asked that question…. I re-read your post, and saw you’re staring with 1 1/2 inch lift. Sweet! Let us know how it turns out!

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