The Jeep Cherokee Longitude

I continue to be amazed by Cherokee sales figures because, as this post so correctly points out, the thing is just hideous.

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Where do I start?

The Cherokee is with no question the most hideous looking car on the market at the moment. I just don’t know what the bosses at Jeep were thinking when their designer rocked up with that design, I can only think the designer spiked the bosses drink before he went to the meeting so the bosses would like and agree to anything he put in front of them.

Those six headlights are just ridiculous. On the highway if you position them down to face the road like you normally would in a normal car, you constantly get flashed by passing motorists because they think you have your high beam on. But when you position the lights upward they’re rubbish. You can hardly see a thing.The car has four main lights and only allows you to turn off the middle lights and the fog lights. The top…

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