2014 Jeep Cherokee Trailhawk Long-Term Verdict

In the end this is a glowing report for Jeep’s ugly step-child, but it does attempt to take a fair-ish look at the KL Cherokee. I was rather amused, though, that cosmetic features like “the exposed red tow hooks and slightly higher ride height” were so comforting.

In the end, one can understand Jeep’s putting out a soft-roader, even if it has committed the sacrilege of resurrecting such a storied off-road name for it. I think most Jeep aficionados would say that, aside from the aesthetics, the real problem with the new Cherokee is the inability to easily modify it to be more trail-worthy. Unless and until that error is remedied, the enthusiast community will continue to view the Cherokee as an object of derision.

It’s sad, really, because, as this post points out, it’s otherwise not a bad vehicle at all.

Peake Ram Fiat

The Good, the Bad, and the Trailhawk

By William Walker

Sometimes friends and family can be annoying and your opinion of them momentarily changes. But if you like a person enough, those little annoyances fade and don’t permanently affect your feelings. Likewise, my relationship with our long-term Jeep Cherokee Trailhawk has at times been tainted by small annoyances, but in the end it always swings back to the fact that I really like it.

I wasn’t the original chaperone of our long-term Cherokee, but when Rory Jurnecka left our shores for AUTOMOBILE, I jumped at the chance to take over the responsibility of this little off-roader. I enjoy camping, hiking, and kayaking, and the Cherokee is the perfect size to fit everything my wife and I need for an active weekend while leaving ample room for our spoiled dog to take up the entire rear seat.

At a total…

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