Hip! Hip! ….Ouray!

Ouray is so beautiful, definitely on the bucket list of places to wheel!

Green Lights and Ham

Settled into Ouray, after an intense drive across the Red Mountain Pass.  This is a completely environment for outdoor activities.  When I saw this guy riding a loaded bike up a 10,000 ft. mountain IN FLIP FLOPS!  I literally blew a gasket.


Ouray is a beautiful, settled town in the middle of the mountains and has a million things to do.  The OHV trails are incredible here and lead to many abandoned mines and towns.  I organized a great little plan for my friend Shay and puppy Sunny to ride the Camp Bird Trail in a 4×4 truck in the morning and I’ll follow behind and probably catch up on the KTM.  Going to scout out the trail today, we’re riding tomorrow.


We found a great brewery that had salad!  Its pretty challenging finding healthy meals while traveling and covering ground in a hurry.  There are a lot of markets…

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    1. I’d not imagined I could tackle Ouray with my still stock-ish Jeep, but I met someone who’s taken her new JKUR all through there without problems. It’s given me the itch to plan a trip that way!


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