TRAIL REPORT: Red River 2015 — Greenie Peak, the ascent

We’d begun Friday, our first day of wheeling in Red River, N.M., on the enjoyable and scenic Pioneer Creek Trail. As is common in the summer months, our descent from that trail came in the midst of an afternoon thundershower — a thundershower that continued all through the afternoon. Back down on terra firma, a short break was in order but, rain or no rain, we came to wheel.

Next up, Greenie Peak, which I’m told terminates at the highest elevation in New Mexico accessible to any four-wheeled vehicle. A long jaunt over a dirt forest road took us to the trailhead, where we quickly discovered we were anything but the only folks out braving the weather. Over the course of the weekend, only on the path to Goose Lake would we encounter more traffic.

The sheer drops immediately outside her door didn't bother Jen a bit. No, really.

The sheer drops immediately outside her door didn’t bother Jen a bit. No, really.

Greenie Peak is covered with a literal maze of forest service roads and some stunning paths that run along the edge of sheer vertical drops. Interestingly, the rain seemed to set an appropriate ambience for the journey, and the occasional low-hanging cloud at — and below — eye level made for an exciting adventure. Our kids’ favorite activity, of course, was splashing the Jeep through as many mud puddles as we could find.

Like the majority Red River trails, most of Greenie Peak is easily traversable by any stock four-wheel-drive vehicle, though it is fairly bumpy in places. We took a different, longer track back down the mountain. The new course offered a bit more challenge, but was equally beautiful. More on that later …


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