TRAIL REPORT: Red River 2015 — Goose Lake Trail, Part I

Without a doubt, the climax of our summer trip to Red River, N.M., was the trail to Goose Lake. The trail twists and winds along the edge of the mountainside, snaking its way past abandoned mining buildings on its push to the breathtaking mountain lake.

IMG_5308Like most of the trails in Red River, Goose Lake is a well-traveled, rock-strewn path that’s easily navigable by even stock Jeeps. The trail does get very narrow at points, with sheer drops along one side or the other, so travelers are well advised to take their time and watch for traffic on the two-way route.

About the halfway point, the trail opens up at an unfinished and long-abandoned mining company headquarters. It’s here, where the video below ends, that we stopped for a break and look around. It’s remarkable to consider those miners, 200 odd years ago, pushing up — and, quite literally, into — the mountain in search of their fortunes. And, it’s amazing to consider how quickly that promise of wealth dried up.

Oh, but we couldn’t stop for long. There was something far more breathtaking waiting for us at the top.



    1. Oh, trust me, we felt every rock. I aired down to 18 psi after the first trail of the weekend, then later took them down to 12. Our Red River trip was recorded on a GoPro Hero (the newer entry-level model), mounted to the windshield via a helmet swing arm.

      Thanks for the kind words. It was a great trip, and we’re looking forward to going back.

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