Gratitude Week: Day One

In lead-up to Thanksgiving, I’ve decided to set aside one post each day to share something for which I’m grateful. Obviously, I couldn’t begin to compile a comprehensive list in a year, let alone a week, so it should be no surprise that this won’t be an exhaustive look at my life’s blessings. And, while each day’s post will carry more importance than the prior day’s, the list should not be taken as prioritized, either.

So, what is it, then?

Put simply, it’s a simple expression of that old admonition: Count your blessings, large and small.

Here, then, is Day One: Jeep opportunities 

I have not, historically speaking, been a person you’d call lucky. Just the opposite, in fact, is true — so much so, that my misfortune was long ago  dubbed “Varnado’s Luck.”

But, in the last couple of years, I’ve had an incredible string of good fortune, where my Jeep is concerned. I’ve been blessed to win or otherwise be given numerous chances to improve or upgrade Smokey, chances I otherwise could not have afforded. Take for example: My front bumper (and, in a roundabout way, my rear as well), my fairlead mount, my trail recovery gear, my tinted windows and numerous other bits of Jeep-related kitsch. All things I could never justify spending money on with my wife’s medical bills, but all things I was given.

How’s that for a blessing?!

Is it a cure for cancer or a dream home for a loved one? No, hence its lowest place on the week’s list. But, nonetheless, I’m very thankful for every opportunity I’ve been given to make my Jeep a form of expression.


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