Gratitude Week: Day Two

Yesterday, I expressed my thankfulness for the unmerited favor that’s come my way that directly benefits this blog’s namesake.

But, as much as I love my Jeep, there are many things in my life that are far more important to me. One of those things that’s been a part of my life for many years now is the notion that my vocation be something that makes a lasting difference to people.

In my early career in the newspaper industry, that simply wasn’t the case. Oh, I know many a career journalist who’ll get philosophical and go on ad nauseum about the vital work journalists do for society. And, in a (very) small sense, they’re not wrong. Yet, for me, the work always seemed somehow hollow. As I was often heard to tell my colleagues: No matter how good or bad a job we do tonight, someone’s dog will be peeing on our work tomorrow morning. ūüėČ

I tried applying my skills in local churches — and there can be no better, more impactful work — but, sadly, I failed to recognize the particular pastor for which I worked was an unprincipled narcissist. The experience, therefore, was anything but fulfilling.

But, for the¬†better part of the last two years, I’ve been blessed to work in a magnificent faith-based nonprofit! For 76 years,¬†my organization has given second chances to young people and, more recently single mothers and entire families, too.¬† In my position, I get to occasionally interact with the direct recipients of our donors’ generosity. And, while I don’t often have bad or even frustrating days, spending a few minutes with the kids we serve¬†easily wipes away any frustrations or excuses I might have. They truly are remarkable!

Whether I work for my current employer another 20 years or leave tomorrow, it has been a remarkable, uplifting experience for which I will forever be grateful.


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