Gratitude Week: Day Three

Three days into my weeklong look at a few of my biggest blessings, things are getting a little more personal. Tonight, I want to express my gratitude for the God-given talents that allow me to provide for my family, deliver value to a fantastic employer and to express myself in creative ways.

It was actually an elementary school teacher who predicted my vocation. After several impressive writing assignments, she swore I’d be a writer one day. I always enjoyed writing, though my plans, like any child’s, would rotate through many careers, like pastor, veterinarian, police officer and, ultimately, novelist. By the time I entered college, though, I’d begun to think news writing would provide a sufficient income. There, I fell in love with design, and my focus shifted to visual storytelling.

Sparing you the ups, downs, ins and outs of my professional life, suffice it to say there are two takeaways worth remembering:

One, I’ve come to most value jobs that offer the chance to practice a variety of professional disciplines, and,

Two, the events of my life have, almost like a laser beam, directly prepared me to be exactly where I am, doing precisely what I’m doing.

That leaves me at the same time, very thankful and patiently hungry (if you will) for whatever will come next! 🙂


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