Gratitude Week: Day Four

Next up in my weeklong list of things for which I’m most thankful is our adopted hometown of Amarillo, Texas.

We’ve lived in the usually dry Texas Panhandle for five years now, and the decision to move here is one of the best choices my wife and I ever made. The people are genuinely friendly, the weather is nice (no more Southern humidity!), the economy is great and, despite what the locals might tell you, there’s plenty to see and do between Amarillo and its nearby neighbor, Canyon.

Those closest to me know what a great display of God’s sense of humor it is that I should come to love living in Amarillo. Years ago (many, many years ago), I drove through Amarillo on my way to and from home in Montana as I attended college in Louisiana. Each year, I’d tell family and friends how ugly Amarillo was, how I’d never in a million years consider living there and couldn’t fathom how anyone would choose to call such a flat, dusty place home.

Oh, but I couldn’t have been more wrong!


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