Gratitude Week: Day Six

Here’s where my blessings really begin to pile up. By this point, I’ve mentioned a number of intangibles and even a possession or two.

Oh, but today’s blessing is so much more precious!

I’ve been richly blessed with a wife who’s stood by me for 17 years of ups, downs and everything in between. And, after a nearly seven-year battle with infertility, we welcomed our smart, precocious daughter into the world. Then, two years later, our son — the epitome of gentleness and generosity — came along.

Together, Jennifer, Katelyn and Tommy are the joy of my existence. For a number of years my career kept me from spending the time with them I wanted to. Life since has shown me just how fortunate I am to have a wife who understood where my heart was and stuck by me through those rough times. And, mercifully, the fog of early childhood memory has swallowed up the kids’ recollections from that time.

Today, we’re able to live relatively predictable lives and set aside regular time to build happy memories that will stay with all of us for many, many years.


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