2016: A great year is ahead!

Some of the members of Panhandle (TX) Jeep Coalition recently sat down to put some plans on paper for 2016. I think we have a nice agenda on tap, and I’m excited for some of the new opportunities to grow our family-friendly Jeep group!

Some of the highlights include:


Februrary: Wrench day

March: Wheeling trip to Monkey Creek, Texas

April: Family fun day (TBD)

May: Wheeling trip to Buzzard Canyon Off-Road Park near Sayre, Okla.

June: Burning the bricks parade in Pampa, Texas

July: Wrench day

August: Annual wheeling trip to Red River, N.M.

September: Tri-State Parade

IMG_4712October: Wrench day/cookout

November: Thanksgiving party

December: Center City (Amarillo, Texas) Light Parade; Christmas party (TBD)

Plans are also in the works for a Colorado trip in the summer of 2017. If you’re in the Tri-State area (Texas, New Mexico, Oklahoma), look us up on Facebook and give us a Jeep wave!


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