WARN Large-Frame and Mid-Frame Winch Comparison

Some interesting thoughts on choosing the right winch for your application, from folks who KNOW what they’re talking about!

Warn Industries Blog

As the global leader in self-recovery winches, we strive to deliver a product that’s suited for your journey and lifestyle. In order to determine your winch capacity, WARN recommends multiplying your vehicle’s gross weight, with gear and accessories included, by 1.5. This can equal anywhere from 8,000 to over 16,000 pounds depending on your vehicle and what you take with you.

WARN offers four different categories of winches for trucks and SUVs: Ultimate Performance Series, Premium Series, Entry Level Series, and Heavyweight Series. One of the most popular pulling capacities across these four categories is 12,000 lbs, where we offer the ZEON Platinum 12, ZEON 12, VR12000 and the M12000. How do you decide?
Three WARN Winches

First, the ZEON Platinum 12, the ZEON 12 and the VR12000 are all built on our mid-frame winch platform. They’re easier to mount, more compact in size, weighs less, and causes less strain…

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