A note to preface this post: I know the following is not remotely Jeep-related, but I wanted to put my astonishment into some kind of organized form.

Like many NASCAR fans, I awoke this morning to the shocking news that Stewart-Haas Racing will change manufacturers, to Ford from Chevrolet, for the 2017 season. Knowing how much a Chevrolet aficionado is Tony Stewart, I never would’ve imagined his driving anything other than a Bowtie. (It was widely believed Stewart’s desire to return to Chevrolet was a motivation for his leaving Joe Gibbs’ Toyotas to team with Gene Haas as co-team owner of what was then Haas Racing.)

Fans’ reaction to the development has been as diverse as it is visceral, but the big question everyone seems to be asking is why? I did see a number of fans discussing Hendrick Motorsports’ alleged practice in recent years of withholding valuable race and technical data from the teams for whom it provides engineering and mechanical support — like Stewart-Haas.

I don’t know how credible such notions are. Once a consuming passion, I’ve not had time to live in the minutia and drama of NASCAR since (a) our children came along and (b) my career reached a management level. At this point in my life, I do well simply to carve out time for the race each Sunday.

Still, there’s no denying the shockwaves SHR’s decision is sending throughout the NASCAR world. It’ll be very interesting to see what other news comes out of the announcement.


More on this story:

NASCAR: http://www.nascar.com/en_us/news-media/articles/2016/2/24/stewart-haas-racing-ford-join-forces-2017.html

Jayski: http://www.jayski.com/cupnews.htm#20160224e

Stewart-Haas Racing: http://www.stewarthaasracing.com/shr-announcement.php

Ford Performance: http://racing.ford.com/series/stock-car-racing/news/articles/2016/02/stewart-haas-racing–ford-performance-to-team-up-starting-with-2.html


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