PRODUCT REVIEW: Nighthawk Light Brow by UnderCover

While these certainly aren’t what you’d call beauty shots (maybe I can make time to get outdoors this weekend!), I didn’t want to hold off sharing some views of my new UnderCover Nighthawk Light Brow!

This was about as easy an installation as you’ll find, though I would note that it’s helpful to pullthe light brow tight side-to-side before securing the 3M tape to ensure the product lines up with the hood line on both sides of the vehicle. As I was attempting to hold my camera at the time, mine sits just a little higher on one side than the other. A web search revealed several installations — including the silver Jeep on UnderCover’s own box (!) with the same misalignment. This is in no way an indictment of the product, as it sat perfectly during my initial off-camera test fit. As with anything, take your time and pay attention to what you’re doing. ūüėČ

The Nighthawk Light Brow isn’t the only product of its type, of course. There are several similar products on the market. Most of them replace the full grille, rather than simply adding the cosmetic bull nose. While the price points are similar, UnderCover’s product comes painted from the factory, eliminating an added expense faced by those purchasing other products.¬†Personally, I like that the light brow’s design is more sculpted and sweeping than its competitors. The more subtle look is appropriately aggressive, without being cartoonish.

The Nighthawk Light Brow is available for $179 unpainted, or in one of 14 factory Jeep colors for $229. For more information, visit the UnderCover website.

Don’t forget to leave a comment below¬†to let me know what you think!

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