Rubicon 2013 dubbed R13 curse or Adventure like no other?! Part 1 of 3

A captivating glimpse into the trail that tops many wheeling bucket lists, including mine! It’s well worth a read —

Adventures of JK Thang

Could the journey be greater than the destination?

Back in the summer of 2013 our Southern California group of friends decided to do a Rubicon Trail run that would involve multiple trail leaders leaving at different points, from different R13trail heads and times, but meeting at a certain time and place on the famed Rubicon Trail. The plan was to help reduce the traffic on the trail and ensure the groups weren’t too big, so they could move through it in good time enjoying all that there is to see and do. Unfortunately, as luck would have it all good plans run into a bump in the road and this adventure met the same fate. While we did research to see that there wouldn’t be a Jeepers Jamboree we (I) missed the fact that our Toyota brethren also enjoys having large events not unlike those put on by the Jeep Jamboree.

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