After defying conventional wisdom with Super Bowl ad, Jeep takes another radical turn

Jeep raised more than a few eyebrows in February when it chose to air its minute-long Super Bowl spot “Portraits” vertically, partly because the creative fit the size of a mobile phone. Now, the brand is permanently setting up shop on vertical-oriented Snapchat.

On Thursday, Jeep officially opened a Snapchat account, posting user-generated photos of cars. Each day, users have been voting for their favorite photo by taking a screenshot of the “snap” and sending it back to the brand. In total, 16 photos have been posted, and the brand asked fans to pick the winning shot from the four finalist shots today before a winner is announced tomorrow.

Jason Marchioni, social media manager for Jeep, declined to say what the winning entry entails, but said, “We have some things in mind,” which could mean using the content in an upcoming campaign.

Read the full story about Jeep’s latest venture into social media here:


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