Jeep mulls a pair of small pickups — but where do they fit in today’s market?

With the midsize pickup truck segment enjoying surging popularity — a trend that’s expected to continue — Mike Manley, head of Fiat Chrysler Automobiles’ Jeep and Ram brands, thinks there could be an opportunity for two more contenders.

Manley has a deep understanding of and background in global markets, especially Asia Pacific and Europe, which is why it makes sense that he’s been working hard to give both FCA brands a higher global profile. To that end, he recently appointed Bob Hegbloom as head of Ram International to coordinate a stronger presence of the pickup-biased lineup in international markets. Jeep has had great success creating “right-sized” products like the Renegade subcompact SUV to gain a stronger foothold in Asian and European markets, while at the same time improving and strengthening stalwart SUVs such as the Grand Cherokee and Wrangler for the U.S.

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