Annoying frustrations …


This week’s gloriously clear Spring weather has allowed me to run top-down for a more extended period — and it’s so overdue!

But, not having the top to insulate me from noises outside my Jeep has also exposed a point of frustration. I can detect a clear metal-on-metal rubbing noise coming from my left rear wheel. Looking over the situation, I can clearly see my sway bar link is rubbing on something.

But what?

The obvious culprit is the brake caliper, as it’s the closest potential point of contact. But, there’s no sign of rubbing on the caliper and that wouldn’t explain the rotational nature of the sound. That you’re-brakes-are-wearing-out sound (the pads are fine, by the way) would suggest the wheel is my other point of contact. Yet, no dirt has been rubbed away from the back side of the wheel, either. And, since the tires bulge out wider than the wheel, wouldn’t the rubber tire make contact before the wheel?

Yes, of course it’s bothering me more than it should. And, I suppose I could try rotating the links inboard of the sway bar. But, doggone it, that doesn’t tell me why it started now — and that, I suppose, is the answer I really want.

I’ll be spending my weekend trying to track down this one.


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