Aggravations …

Please pardon this not-so-Jeep-related post. Last night, as I was unpacking and de-decorating Smokey from our Independence Day frivolities, a neighbor pulled up and asked if I’d seen his dog. The poor canine had gotten away from the man’s son, presumably fearing the boom of the fireworks.

After putting away our things, I kissed the kids goodnight and hopped back in the Jeep to peruse the neighborhood. Cutting to the chase, the good news is the dog was located. But, despite that relief, I returned home disturbed.

In only a four-block radius around our house, I came upon nearly a half-dozen cats and two very scared dogs looking for the comfort of home and family. You know, accidents will happen, as it did with our neighbor. Sometimes, despite our best efforts, things go wrong and an animal will go missing.

But, were all those other loose animals on the prowl as the result of unfortunate accidents? Please, folks, if you’re going to take on the responsibility of pet ownership, make sure you’re taking common-sense precautions (collar and tags, microchips, secure fencing, etc.) to ensure this vital member of your family remains with you — not just on such fear-inducing holidays as Independence Day, but every day.


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