Update: Nighthawk Light Brow mishap

After removing my Nighthawk Light Brow by UnderCover and reinstalling it, I think my finding it loose had nothing to do with a defect in the light brow itself. The small chunk missing from Smokey’s grille and the sweeping slash mark are clear indicators someone attempted to cut the brow free from my grille, presumably sometime prior to our Dallas trip.

In my frustration and hurry (we were due at Texas Motor Speedway about an hour later) I neglected to take proper photos of the damage. Here are, instead, a couple of shots of the damage that occurred to the light brow as it flapped against my hood before I discovered it was loose. The chipping you see is at each end of the unit, just over the outside of each headlight.

I removed the light brow and used some adhesive remover to clean the torn 3M tape from the back side. Next, I applied more tape and reinstalled the UnderCover product. I’m not sure how long it will stay in place, as the two middle attachment points aren’t making firm enough contact for my liking. But, since I want to eventually replace my grille with a mineral grey grille from an Oscar Mike edition, the light brow will have at least one more transition somewhere in its future.



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