Regrets …

A word of advice to my fellow Jeepers: Never, ever — and I mean, NEVER — put the math to your build. You’ll regret it if you do.

In a clear-my-mind from things moment this morning, I stopped to add up the value of my planned build list for Smokey. Seeing a figure topping $25,000 can be heart-stopping! 😉

Happy Friday, everyone. Enjoy your Jeep-end!



    1. That’s quite a list before spring! We’re hoping to wheel Ouray-Silverton-Telluride, Colo., next September, so I’ve got some brake work to do and want to add a set of proper rock sliders before then.

      Thanks for commenting. Keep me updated how your build goes! 👍🏻

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      1. My latest blog post goes into my recent suspension rebuild. Not quite finished. Need to install the rear coils and put 3/4 spacers in the front if the rake is too extreme. I like a little rake but not so much that it looks leveled. I have new control arms to go in as well, just have to find the weekend for it.

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