Friday flashback: Descent from Goose Lake

Many of you will recall last year’s trip to Red River, N.M. After a beautiful morning two-hour climb to Goose Lake in picturesque Red River, we enjoyed some time taking in the scenery and encountering the almost-tame goats and chipmunks. But, soon it was time to head back down the mountain. About halfway down, we stopped to let my wife, who’s not been exactly enamored of the off-road lifestyle, at least to that point, get some time behind the wheel. Aside from a brief stint on Pioneer Creek Trail the day before, it was her first — and certainly longest — time to do so.

NOTE: All of my videos are shot, edited and uploaded in full-HD. Recent renderings, however, have come out quite pixelated, and even at frame sizes that don’t match their software output settings. I apologize for the poor image quality. If/when I figure out a fix (or Adobe solves a glitch in their software, since I’m not the only one noting this issue online), I’ll upload a corrected version. I appreciate your patience.

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