I noticed on my way to Plano, Texas, tonight that one of my headlights has gone out. The embarrassing part was that when a little Hyundai pulled in behind me, his headlights shining underneath my Jeep easily outshone the combined light output of my single low beam and both my fog lamps!

Oh, how I wish a set of LED headlights was in the budget right now!



  1. This was one of the first things I did on my Jeep. I work a lot of long days and most days I was driving back 30 miles in the dark. The Jeep’s stock headlights were great compared to the messed up headlights on the Silverado I was driving earlier in the year but they weren’t very good at all.

    I installed a set of cheep but still very effective LED headlights for a bout $180 and because once you start you can’t stop I did the fog lamps, signals and parking lights too.

    I have to say they were probably the best upgrade I’ve done to my Jeep yet.
    I did a little write up here: http://adventurebent.com/project-wranger-headlights/

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      1. Truck-Lites and JWs are good but I don’t know if you have to spend all the extra cash for them. I am perfectly happy with my no-name brand. That being said maybe what you are paying for with a name brand isn’t the quality or performance, but the support and backing of a warranty you know will be honored. Since the headlights I got were half the price of a set of JWs I figured I they went bad I could replace them. So far 6 months and 20,000 miles later and they are still going great. I did have to replace the anti-flicker boxes but other than that no problems.

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        1. I want to stick with American products wherever possible with my build. Also, after seeing some of Headlight Revolution’s reviews of some Chinese headlights, it seems you may or may not be getting something reliable.

          When I got my Jeep, I was still working a lot of late nights at the paper. Reliability and usable light were of utmost importance.


            1. Here in Amarillo, I was the copy chief and, eventually, managing editor. I’ve done a little bit of everything in the newsroom at one time or another. These days, I handle marketing and PR for an awesome nonprofit that provides residential and family services for at-risk children.


  2. Extreme Terrain had some Raxion lights on sale and someone said they fir perfectly for the fog lights, they were a 1000 lumen per light, My fog lights shine about 5ft in front of my jeep.

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    1. Honestly, I think Jeep’s factory fogs are brighter than the OEM headlights! I’ve seen XT’s Raxiom lights, but I read enough negative reviews of them on various Jeep forums that I’ve stayed away from them.

      I’d like to pull the trigger on lights, but I think my next purchase will be some Bartact seat covers, as mine are starting to show some wear. I want to catch that and protect them before they are too far gone.

      Good to see you here, Tim!


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