Just some thoughts …

Wrapping up another weekend. Didn’t go as planned. Good news: Wife is doing well after her first new treatment. Bad news: Now, she’s down with what the doctor suspects is a kidney stone. Told to give it time to pass. She overdid on Saturday, so completely out of commission Sunday. 

Trying to be nurse, dad and a few other miscellaneous hats kept me from doing anything on the Jeep or working on the garage shelving we started. (Hope to get that done before it really gets cold. Would be nice to replace the worn out seals on the garage, too.)

So, no one’s fault, but it’s back to work after a less-than-restful weekend. Lots of things rolling around in my head there. Still reading some proverbial tea leaves and spending a lot of time in prayer. Not ready for another week to begin. But, oh, well. Here goes …


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