Does this seem odd to you?

So, I finally replaced that headlight bulb that went out in Dallas. (It actually started working again after we returned to Amarillo, so I got a few more uses out of it before it blew for good.) Pulling out the old bulb, it was obvious it had blown, so I opened the new one and swapped in a new Sylvania Silverstar Ultra. img_7463

As a side note, I noticed OSRAM, which also makes LEDs, appears to be the parent company of Sylvania. (UPDATE: A quick look at Sylvania’s website revealed the following – “OSRAM SYLVANIA was created in January 1993, when OSRAM GmbH acquired the SYLVANIA and precision materials businesses in North America from GTE. Now as LEDVANCE, the company remains a global leader and continues to provide innovative SYLVANIA brand products within North America.”)

But, I also noted on the back of the package that these halogen bulbs have an estimated life span of just 325 hours.

I suppose it’s because I’ve seen so many LED headlamps and auxiliary lights predicting more than 50,000 hours of life, but that just sounded incredibly short to me, even for a halogen bulb.

It just makes me that much more committed to moving to LEDs the next time a replacement is needed.


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