On a search …

It’s good practice, of course, to keep an eye on what search terms lead people to your website. Doing so can help you see what people are looking for and, in turn, spur you to create new content to meet those needs.

For example, there is apparently no end to the number of fellow Jeepers who aren’t sure how to change their Wranglers’ differential oil. (Hint: Instructions can be found here.)

Other terms suggest Jeepers aren’t very good spellers. I hope Teraflex (“Terraflex, “Terfolex”, “Tetroflex”) and Metalcloak (“Metalcloke”, “Mettlecloak”, “Metalclok”) have a lot of redirects set up for their sites!

This year’s searches also reveal that enthusiasts really aren’t sure how much American Expedition Vehicles sells its snorkel for, or even how much a new Jeep will cost.

Sometimes, though, I’m simply not sure how a search connected someone to my content:

“How can I tell if I’m pushing myself beyond my endurance”

However you found it, I appreciate your stopping by Smokey the Jeep. Please leave a comment or email smokeyjeep@mail.com to let me know how what content you’d like to see next!


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