It’s beginning to *feel* a lot like Christmas


A light dusting of snow covers Smokey on New Year’s Eve 2014.

The weather here in the Texas Panhandle finally has turned colder, and with our first snow predicted to fall in time for Friday night’s Christmas parade, it’s the time of year that I long for a hard top and full doors.

Don’t get me wrong. When I purchased Smokey, I specifically wanted a half-door soft top, and I still love the look of such a Jeep. But those cold winter winds blow through my half-doors like a razor, and that soft top doesn’t do a whole lot to keep in the heat.

Still, I’m not complaining. This year, I’ll celebrate my fourth Christmas as a Jeep owner — and that’s more than good enough.

Of course, if you’re listening, Santa … 😉



  1. I never realized how lucky I was the dealer threw in the previous owner’s soft top, when I picked up my Jeep in march. As soon as Spring hit, I had the soft top on. In October, the hard top went back on, and I’m glad to have it. I forgot how much quieter, warmer and unfortunately less fun a hard top is.

    Where I live in Southern Wisconsin, winters are especially harsh, because the lower lattitude keeps the temperature closer a precipitation friendly 30 degrees. A hard top and full doors were a must.

    I wish I could share photos in the comments, I’ve got a shot of my Jeep from late march after 8 inches of wet snow had fallen overnight. I was the only one in office the next morning.

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    1. That is cool. I can see how you need those up there! I always said I’d never have a hardtop/full-door Jeep, but experience has shown they definitely have value for certain times. One day, I’ll go to hard too and full doors for winter and long highway trips. Otherwise, I’m content with the rag top and half or no doors.

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